• Battilo Knit Zig-Zag Textured Woven Throw Blanket, 60" L X 50" W

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    • UPC: BTL15025-White(706199676131),BTL15025-Yellow-L(046708902673),BTL15025-White-L(718193172069),BTL15025-Beige(706199676148),BTL15025-Cream-L(046708902635),BTL15025-Green(730792098984),BTL15025-Green-L(046708902642),BTL15025-Grey(730792098410),BTL15025-Yellow-S(046708902628),BTL15025-Yellow-L(046708902673),BTL15025-Red-S(046708902598),BTL15025-Red-L(046708902659),BTL15025-Dark Brown-L(046708902666),BTL15025-Dark Brown-S(046708902611),BTL15025-Navy-S(046708902604)
    • 70% polyester 30% acrylic
    • Size: 50"*60''
    • This throw blanket boasts a textured, zig zag pattern throughout the blanket
    • This modern look and solid color scheme work great as an accent in any home
    • The polyester/acrylic blend holds up better and is more comfortable than traditional polyester

    Warm and cozy super super soft throws measuring 127cm x 152cm. The throw can be used as a bed cover and will look great in any room setting. This blanket can be machine washed making it great for every day use.